I wouldn't want my grandkids in there!

By Jack Gallaway

February 1, 2013

I wouldn't want my grandkids in there!

I recently used our whirlpool tub
cleaner according to directions
to clean a neighbor’s whirlpool.

The pool had been used several times a week for
8 years and had been cleaned regularly with a
mixture of bleach and a low-foam detergent.
It looked perfectly clean!

It was obvious that she took as much pride in
keeping her spa immaculate as she did the rest
of her house.

So I approached this experiment with a little
trepidation. Even though she had been out of
town for a few weeks, I wondered how this tub
could possibly have mold or any of the other
bad stuff in it.

Then I remembered that a whirlpool has a lot of
dark places for bacteria, viruses and mold to

There is the filter, the pump, as much as 30’ of
pipe and 10 jets. Each of these components
act as a “catch basin” for water to sit motionless. 

And, we know that still water in a dark, warm
enclosure, for even a day or two, creates the
perfect world for bacteria, viruses and mold
to multiply.

Whirlpool tub filling
So I dutifully followed the
directions for “cleaning,
conditioning and
maintaining” this 100-gallon
whirlpool tub with Splish Splash

Whirlpool Tub, Jet & Pipe System

I closed the drain, turned the jets down and
filled the tub with warm water one-inch below
the overflow drain. I turned on the pump,
poured 10 oz. of Splish Splash into the tub
and let it run for 45 minutes.

I wasn’t able to see any debris in the
Tub with dark matter water, but when I
drained the tub, a dark matter
was littered across the bottom
of the tub.

Like I said elsewhere, I can only presume it was mold, but whatever it was I wouldn’t want my grandkids to get in there!


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