Scary dangers in the inner world of the "Jetted Tub"

By Jack Gallaway

February 7, 2013

Scary dangers in the inner world of the

While jetted tubs of all kinds -- whirlpools, hot tubs and spas and hydrotherapy tubs -- create a truly delightful experience for the bather, there is a dark side.

And it’s a scary dark side. It's insidious, unhealthy and even potentially life-threatening.  (Just ask the hoteliers who recently had Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak in their hotel!)

The dark side lies in the noxious environment created within the walls of the jetted tub. In its filter, pipes, pump and jets.

Because still, motionless water stagnates in the darkness of the tub's inner workings, a perfect world is created for bacteria, viruses and mold to multiply and grow.

The tub's internal piping system should be cleaned and deodorized regularly with a "purpose built" cleaner that is formulated to eliminate the risk of multiplied millions of bacteria, viruses and mold escaping into the tub and setting the bather at risk.

The purpose built cleaner I'm describing will address 3 huge, major concerns:

#1. It will neutralize the effect of iron and minerals found in most water -  Bleach, when it comes into contact with iron or minerals, flashes instantly into salt water. (Bleach is the basis for all tub cleaners.) The result is a salt water wash that has zero effect on bacteria, viruses and mold.
         You must be sure your jetted tub cleaner has an ingredients that eliminate the iron and mineral content found in most water -- so the bleach can rightly do its job!

#2. It will eat up the calcium in the water. Calcium "calcifies."  It hardens and forms deposits on the jets and elsewhere within the walls of your tub. Calcium clogs up the works and impedes the water flow and enjoyment of the tub.
          Your jetted tub cleaner must digest the calcium in the water, which opens up the holes on those jets and returns the water pressure to its full capacity.

#3. It will dissolve the foam as it cleans and deodorizes. The film and bubbles blowing across the top of the water can contain bio-fragments that hold the severest forms of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. These microscopic fragments are not only dangerous in the water, buy they also find their way into the air and transport dangerous bacteria and viruses to anyone walking through the room.
Your tub cleaner has to not only clean the surfaces of the tub, it must eliminate the filth in the foam as it cleans, condition and deodorizes the entire tub, inside and out.

I recently used our whirlpool tub cleaner according to directions to clean a neighbor’s whirlpool.  Now, don't get me wrong. This friend has an immaculate house and this whirlpool was no different.   It had, for years, been used and cleaned regularly with a mixture of bleach and a low-foam detergent. It appeared totally clean! 
           But at the end of the cleaning with Splish Splash Whirlpool Cleaner, a dark matter was littered across the bottom of the tub. I can only presume it was mold, but whatever it was, I wouldn’t want my grandkids to get in there

So, there is a dark side. A very real threat exists to the health and safety of bathers, not to mention the pure enjoyment of the experience, unless the jetted tub is cleaned and deodorized regularly with a purpose-built solution that thoroughly cleans, conditions and maintains the entire system.


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