So what is a "Jetted Tub" anyway?

By Jack Gallaway

February 7, 2013

The peculiar nature of a “Jetted Tub.”

Whirlpool tubs, hot tubs, hydrotherapy tubs
and pedicure spas are the most common
jetted tubs and they have some features and
dangers in common.

For those of us who bathe in a Jetted Tub and/or
offer one as a service to our clientele, it’s
important you know the nature of the features
and the dangers of the beast.

But first, let’s talk definitions.

The working term “Jetted Tub” describes any
bathing tub that circulates water around the
body (or body part … like a foot) that promises
relaxation and healing.

The water is sucked out of the bottom of the
tub, pumped through a filter and then
pressurized and forced back into the tub.

Driven through small holes in water jets on the
side of the tub, small bubbles are created that
massage and offer to heal the body and render
that relaxing feeling.

Homes often have a Residential Whirlpool
(Jetted) Tub
that usually hold around 100
gallons of water.

Commercial Whirlpool (Jetted) Tubs are
found in premium hotel rooms, health clubs,
hospitals, physical rehab and convalescent
centers for the elderly. They typically hold
50-70 gallons.

You’ll find jetted Hot Tubs and Spas on the
back yard deck and near the pool in hotels
and health clubs. These generally circulate
600-700 gallons of water.

Hydrotherapy tubs are a cross between and
bathtub and a hot tub, with adjustable
underwater nozzles and spray. Found in clinics,
clubs and homes, these jetted tubs hold 100-200
gallons of water.

Pedicure spas, also called pedi-basins or foot
are a specialty form of jetted tub that
circulates about 5 gallons of water per
pedicure customer and are found everywhere
salons and spas offer foot spa services.

So, we’ve defined Jetted Tubs and where you’ll
find them.

Next, we will discuss the unique dangers and
side effects of the improper management of
jetted tubs.

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