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    The Brust Family had installed 1000's of whirlpools and hot tubs in new homes on Chicago’s North Shore, and they -- and their customers -- had a problem!

     Brothers Robert and John had owned a construction company for over 30 years, and had heard the same questions over and over from their customers:

"How do I get rid of the black gunk from my tub?",  

"Why does my tub smell?", and  

"Is my family really safe in that tub?"

     Robert and John started to worry that they didn’t have a great answer about the potential health hazards of unsanitary bath water and contaminated plumbing.

     So, they researched the market and teamed-up with a chemist to find a solution to this problem, and were shocked with what they discovered:  

     "An efficient and cost-effective solution for maintaining a jetted tub simply did not exist!"


    So the team set out to develop an effective and user-friendly solution to this problem, one that would answer their customers' questions about the health and safety of their jetted tub investment.

    Splish Splash® Cleaners were the result!  Designed especially for maintaining residential whirlpools, commercial whirlpools, hot tubs and pedicure basins, these products solve a potentially serious health hazard faced by millions of hot tub, whirlpool and pedicure basin owners.

     To learn more, go to:

- Splish Splash for Hot Tubs
- Splish Splash for Residential Whirlpools
- Splish Splash for Commercial Whirlpools
- Splish Splash for Pedicure Basins


About www.CleanMatters365.com  

     This web site is the company’s online presence and offers the world an easy and efficient way to acquire the groundbreaking specialty chemicals of Splish Splash Cleaners, Inc.

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     Carrington Partners is an investment and marketing firm that works with start-ups and small- to mid-sized businesses to launch new products and enter new markets. 







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90 Day Guarantee

"Buy any product on this website and use it for up to 90 days. If you are not thrilled with its performance in every way, simply return the unused product and you will receive a prompt, courteous refund of your full purchase price."

Jack GallawayThank you!
Jack Gallaway 

Before Splish Splash, we had to use two different products to get the desired results: the first an anti-microbial, and the second to clean.

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